Monday, April 28, 2008

Custom-Made Birthday

[Okay, these are definitely "homemade" cards, but I have to put them in because, maybe I'll look back at them someday and get ideas for other cards.]

My oldest son turned 15 on Saturday, and we made b-day cards for him. He doesn't really "get" cards. Since he's blind, the cards are just folded pieces of paper and someone
reads to him what's written on them and describes any pictures on them...

This year, the kids and I decided to make him cards that might appeal to him:

Anastasia wanted to make a card with an image of one of Ziggy's favorite pastimes: computers! Found this cute Jolee's dimensional sticker at Michael's, then she put braille "15" on the screen.

Peter made a stack-of-squares sculpture that appealed to Ziggy's love of math.( I am so glad I have a large supply of dimensionals at our house!).

Sophia made a calculator card that appeals to Z's love of calculators. She did a
fabulous job with layout and labeling.

I made a card that appeals to his love of radios. This one is tuned to 99.5, his favorite station. The words on it are from his favorite Kenny Chesney song, "Summertime":
Perfect song on the radio,
sing along cause it's one we know,
it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a
"Happy Birthday, dear Ziggy,
happy birthday to you!"

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!!!
(You are So "The Man")...


Caryl Williams said...

These cards are so great! I'm sure your son "gets" these cards. I think it is wonderful that your other children are so giving to their brother! Awesome Job!!!

sarita said...

i think these cards are terrific because they are from the heart and made to be "seen" by your son...
good job!