Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

Kathryn showed us how to make some adorable tea bag booklets a few weeks ago. I thought they would make neat Mother's Day gifts for both grandmas.

I changed the dimensions that Kathryn used to make them unique for each recipient.  The larger one (left) is for Oma (Steve's mom). I made it bigger just because I wanted her to see the patterned paper a bit more. When it was finished, I tied a buttery bow around it.  The smaller one (right) is for Grandma Vi (my mom). I fastened hers shut with a belly band.

 Oma's Book:
 On the interior cover, I  printed out a label from Word and cut it out with my Spellbinders dies

The inside pages hold various teas.
When Oma removes the tea bags, she will see a photo of one of her grandchildren!
Since she has 10 grandchildren, I added an extra page from Kathryn's original design.

Grandma Vi's Book:
I made hers a little bit smaller, for no reason, except that I was running out of patterned paper. I added a scallop to the top of the teabag holders.

I actually did have enough leftover paper to make a matching Mother's Day card for each of the grandmas, so that was very exciting, because they coordinated nicely with the booklets.

Here's a peek at the inside of Grandma Vi's book, with the teabags removed:

Such a fun project!

Even funnier was that Pippin found the boxes of tea on my desk, and decided that she need some decaf Chai tea. Groan...she chewed up about 5 bags and scattered them all over the rug. How could she possibly smell tea that is sealed in a foil pouch? And more importantly, why would she even want to consider consuming it?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Other Half

Well, since I have twins, it wouldn't be right to post about just one of the birthday cards I made for The 16th Birthday, so here is Anastasia's card.

I went with a Jane Austen theme for hers, since she loved those books (and movies), and she is still hopeful that she will meet Mr. Darcy someday. Parchment, light colors, organdy and flowers...

I added some decoration to the inside and embossed a sheet of vellum with butterflies and attached it like a page, so it would (hopefully) look like a sheer curtain with light on one side and dreaminess on the other.

The sentiment is computer-generated (Jane Austen font, of course!), and cut out with a Tim Holtz die.

On the back cover, I attached a bookmark made with parchment paper, Tim Holtz and Bo Bunny (Gabrielle) stamps.

Here are the birthday girls, a few weeks ago...waiting for their friend to arrive at our house and to wish her a happy 16th birthday :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Why has it been so long since my last post? Don't know, but here is something I made for Sophia's 16th birthday way back in March. It's kind of a mini-mini card/booklet.
 I found the cover on Cathe Holden's blog. Unfortunately, I can't find the download now :(

Anyways, the booklet was made using Laura's Stack-the-Deck binding system. I just made up the size of the booklet to fit my needs; so there is no tutorial for it.

Here is the first page, highlighting "16," and includes a little booklet with a charm & a vertical pullout tag.

The next page was dedicated to car stuff, since she'll most likely get her license this year.

This page was just randomness, with some really tiny tags for fun (right side), and a vertical pullout large tag (left side).

And the last page had music on it, since she plays the piano. On the sheet music, I stamped "happy birthday to you" all over it. The "Happy 16th Birthday" was computer-generated and printed on to Kraft paper.

 This was a really fun project. The booklet measures 4.75" x 6.25"

So a few weeks ago, I moved my craft desk to the back wall, with the intention of gaining more space in the room. Ahem, someone has claimed that desk for the Motherland, and really doesn't want me crafting there.

Guess that wasn't a good spot for the desk.