Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

Kathryn showed us how to make some adorable tea bag booklets a few weeks ago. I thought they would make neat Mother's Day gifts for both grandmas.

I changed the dimensions that Kathryn used to make them unique for each recipient.  The larger one (left) is for Oma (Steve's mom). I made it bigger just because I wanted her to see the patterned paper a bit more. When it was finished, I tied a buttery bow around it.  The smaller one (right) is for Grandma Vi (my mom). I fastened hers shut with a belly band.

 Oma's Book:
 On the interior cover, I  printed out a label from Word and cut it out with my Spellbinders dies

The inside pages hold various teas.
When Oma removes the tea bags, she will see a photo of one of her grandchildren!
Since she has 10 grandchildren, I added an extra page from Kathryn's original design.

Grandma Vi's Book:
I made hers a little bit smaller, for no reason, except that I was running out of patterned paper. I added a scallop to the top of the teabag holders.

I actually did have enough leftover paper to make a matching Mother's Day card for each of the grandmas, so that was very exciting, because they coordinated nicely with the booklets.

Here's a peek at the inside of Grandma Vi's book, with the teabags removed:

Such a fun project!

Even funnier was that Pippin found the boxes of tea on my desk, and decided that she need some decaf Chai tea. Groan...she chewed up about 5 bags and scattered them all over the rug. How could she possibly smell tea that is sealed in a foil pouch? And more importantly, why would she even want to consider consuming it?

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