Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Why has it been so long since my last post? Don't know, but here is something I made for Sophia's 16th birthday way back in March. It's kind of a mini-mini card/booklet.
 I found the cover on Cathe Holden's blog. Unfortunately, I can't find the download now :(

Anyways, the booklet was made using Laura's Stack-the-Deck binding system. I just made up the size of the booklet to fit my needs; so there is no tutorial for it.

Here is the first page, highlighting "16," and includes a little booklet with a charm & a vertical pullout tag.

The next page was dedicated to car stuff, since she'll most likely get her license this year.

This page was just randomness, with some really tiny tags for fun (right side), and a vertical pullout large tag (left side).

And the last page had music on it, since she plays the piano. On the sheet music, I stamped "happy birthday to you" all over it. The "Happy 16th Birthday" was computer-generated and printed on to Kraft paper.

 This was a really fun project. The booklet measures 4.75" x 6.25"

So a few weeks ago, I moved my craft desk to the back wall, with the intention of gaining more space in the room. Ahem, someone has claimed that desk for the Motherland, and really doesn't want me crafting there.

Guess that wasn't a good spot for the desk.

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