Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspiration in Action

I'm very new to papercrafting, but have been enjoying learning about new techniques and gadgets these past few months. Sometimes I look at someone else's blog and get inspired, or there is a sketch or color challenge which pushes me to think of new ideas...and that is neat.

But I found something equally, if not more, satisfying than making my own "creation," and that is seeing inspiration spark in someone else and watching her create. Awesome.

My 12 year-old daughter was peeking over my shoulder while I was reading a couple of blogs: Dawn's and Stamp Happy. Something about those blogs inspired her, and she went off and made these two cards. No sketch challenge or pressure, just pure inspired creativity. I just had to post her cards, because (in my unbiased Mommy opinion) they are so cute.

Here's the one inspired by Dawn McVey's blog:

And I think this one was inspired by Stamp Happy (if I was a better photographer, you could see the layers better)

Anyways, I had to post them for posterity, because it was a cool moment and I got to see it happen...



Mistylynn said...

They turned out amazing! I hope my daughter wants to participate when she's a bit older!

Tammy said...

Aw, what beautiful cards! Great job! Isn't that bird stamp the prettiest! I just love it! (Well, I'm loving all the bird stamps that are out there, but since that one is on my shelf, I'm loving it more!) Thanks for sharing!