Monday, April 14, 2008

Old Cards: Color Challenges

Okay, this is the last of the old card color challenges. This is from April 8 on Kristina Werner's blog:

Okay another submission with a horizontal layout... but I have to explain this one, because it didn't start out this way: I was doing a vertical one with lots of circles, and my daughter walked by and said, "Why don't you do it the 'regular' way, then it would look more like the beach picture." That's when I switched it to horizontal. I also had a funky ribbon on it, then was goofing around and picked up the skinny satin ribbon and tied it on for fun. Husband walks by and says, "Hey, cute card!" So there you go, a very committee-based designed card. I think that since my husband liked the card, it must be a masculine card...

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