Monday, January 26, 2009

Bible Verses

I don't know how I got so lucky, but the people that surround me have been so supportive about my cancer. Some will email me a Bible verse, and some hand write them and send them to me...

With my diagnosis comes a fair amount of medical appointments and papers that I don't want to lose, so I decided to make a cancer notebook to keep everything in. I take it to all my appointments and the papers they give me go straight in there. It's just a simple white binder...nothing fancy or decorated, because I want to be able to get rid of this notebook one day, and would hate to throw away anything cute.

Anyways, besides medical stuff, I put some personal things in the binder. That way, when I'm at an appointment and start to get nervous, I just look at these things and can re-focus on what really matters. I have my favorite photo of my kids, taken on an especially happy day (it's the last photo on this entry). I also put all the verses people give me. Handwritten ones are in there,'s like that person is with me holding my hand.

One verse was emailed by a dear friend, and I wanted it a bit more fancy than Times Roman font on copier paper, so I made a simple verse card. I had to laugh, because usually when I make a card for someone, I spend a large amount of time picking a color they would like. Then I remembered this was for me, and I love pink! so no-brainer on what color to make this in:

So much fun and really easy! I used Chopin Script for the font, and a little Inkadinkado bird for the image.

I'll take my binder with me tomorrow for surgery and my little pink card will be in there, and my photo and other verses, and I will be good-to-go! Okay, I'm also bringing my pink Ipod with Michael Buble on it, (I have to have a little bit of bubbly, even during the day...right, Anastasia?).


Anastasia said...

that's right... everyone needs a bit of bubbly!

Judit V said...

This is beautiful!