Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hawaii Trip: USS Missouri

This is kind of Part 2 of yesterday's blog entry: We first visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Then we ventured over to the USS Missouri ship; not a memorial, but a decommissioned ship that you can take a walking tour on. These are kind of located right next to each other.

Here she is, sitting in the water:

We had to take a shuttle bus out to the island where she is anchored. But before that, we got to look at some old torpedoes that were displayed in the yard. Ziggy had fun with that:
I was worried about how accessible this would be for Ziggy (like would everything be behind glass, or non-touchable?), but we found plenty to look at...HOORAY! When we first arrived at the ship, a guide handed us a Brailled brochure for heart about stopped! Do they know how special that makes him feel? Oh, it was super!

Here are the kids, checking out the RACKS/bunkbeads for the crew; my kids decided that they would not like to sleep on the bottom bunk...look how low that is!

I just had to put this one in here...See, this door under lock and key? What's it have in there, gold or something?
Here is a closeup of the doorplate. It's SODA!!! Guess on a ship, that just might seem like gold. (I think it says "Starboard Soda Storeroom"). I just thought it was too funny...
We spent forever looking around the inside of the ship, at the various mess halls, rec rooms, quarters. All very interesting, but, um, cozy. I didn't put all the photos in here, because they are all, um, greyish, and guyish, and this is a girl blog...but if you need to see them, I can post them; it's just there's no flowers or swirlies anywhere!

I did have to put this picture in, though. They actually have this model inside the ship...a boy can never look at models too much, can he? What is the fascination?

Then my "crew" decided to venture outside, and upwards. Okay, since having babies, I have really bad vertigo, so I opted to not go up the ladders to the top of the ship. Ziggy gallantly stayed with me. And it was really windy, too (he doesn't dig the wind, which is another reason he stayed with me; I was worried about my wig flying off, and about him losing his grip on his cane and it going in to the water; oh, that would be interesting). He and I found a cute little bench to rest on:
This shot is after our adventure on the USS Missouri; Peter was soo happy!

So, on our last day in Hawaii, we spent 6 hours at Pearl Harbor...time well spent, I think, even though our feet really hurt :)

Here are my 2 fearless leaders, Ziggy & Daddy:
And here are my Teeny Boppers and my Caboose (Sophia, Anastasia, & Peter!)Now, let's go get some quick dinner, and go to the airport!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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