Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay, a bit of a break from Hawaii photos today...

I made these for my niece just before we left on our trip. I don't know, I just wanted to make a bookmark. My niece says she used to like blue, but now since she has to wear it all the time for a school uniform, maybe she likes green instead. So I decided to put both colors in the bookmark, because I don't think you could ever completely despise your first "favorite color." :)
These were really fun to make. I sewed the ribbon loops between the DP and the cardstock, hoping to give some strength.
Stamps...IB Birds (Lockhart), Green Thumb (PTI)
Ink...Noir (Palette)
Paper...Urban Prairie (BasicGrey); Solar white (Neenah); Sour Apple, Blue Raspberry (PopTones)
Misc...Copics, ribbons from stash, sewing machine, nesties

Okay, staying with the theme of birds, I just had to include this picture from our Hawaii trip.

We were walking down the street to the market, and some guy had these 2 birds which he placed on a street tree. I didn't know they were real at first, because the colors were so striking, and the birds weren't flying away. We stood there staring at the birds, and the guy jumps up from behind me and said, "Would you kids like to hold my birds?" Umm, is that sanitary? I mean, do parrots get vaccinated? Or even, washed? Plus, how much would he charge for that? ZOINKS! So I just politely refused his offer and shuttled the kids down the street

Anyways, here's some "Not So Itty Bitty Birds" that I saw in Hawaii:


Keri Lee Sereika said...

Cool bookmarks!!! love the bird shots...the colors are so vibrant!

Barb said...

Really cute bookmarks! And so cute you put it with the birds from your trip. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! TFS