Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Notes

Every year around this time, my husband and I have the same conversation:

Me: "What should we have for Easter Dinner?"
Steve: "I don't know, what did we have last year?"
Me: "I don't know...was it ham and something else?"
Steve: "I don't know...probably..."

So, a couple of years ago, I started writing down the "menu." Nothing fancy, just a hand-written list of foods we ate for Easter, plus the days that I started preparing them, and other newsy tidbits. I wanted to write on something other than plain, white paper, so I used some cute note cards I got from Target. These cards really make me smile: pinks and greens, flowers, mixed patterns.

Then I put the card, plus the recipes in a page protector. I guess it could go in a binder (what my mom would want me to do), but I just stuff this packet in one of our 4 Easter Decoration boxes. It's just what I do because it works for me.
I was looking at the notecards this year, and realized that I could actually make a cute one with some of my new Making Memories "Flower Patch" papers and my Fiskars lace border punch. No stamping on this one. These patterned papers are so springy and really make me smile!
I put some DP on the inside, too, just like my pre-printed ones...
I suppose that if I wanted everything tidy, I would use a fancy computer font and print out our menu for the inside of the card. But I don't like everything tidy (just come visit our house sometime, and you'll know what I mean). So, I just quickly hand-write it. Here's the inside of this year's notecard:
Then I put all the cards and recipes in a new page protector, and it went in the Easter Decoration Box. It's like a little bouquet, waiting to give me a blast of springtime smiles next year.

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