Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cleaning Up

Well, looks like we finally got some snow! My poor rhodies are quite confused, and I hope they don't decide to forget about giving me a pink show this year. Even the Georges were confused:
They sat at the window all morning, waiting for Santa to arrive. I don't think he came, but somehow, they got candy anyways.

I had a few minutes today between lessons, so I thought I'd put away all the Valentine craft things. Like these hearts that I started...I'll work on more of these throughout the year, because they were fun; I just need more practice.

I put all the Valentine card-making stuff away (sniff, sniff), and managed to get this card in the mail for my SIL's birthday. I used some of the "Beloved" (MME) paper and "Just the Ticket" (PTI) stamps, and a Kristina Werner layout:
I was goofing around with the inside, and Peter said it looked neato, so I kept it that way.
Now, on to the next project: making a pillow cover with yo-yos. I stitched up several yesterday during piano lessons, and a few today during Anastasia's doctor appointment. Now I just need to find a pattern for the cover.

Okay, time to go make dinner...

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Anastasia said...

ah, that's what you're doing with the yo-yos.