Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Just a few hearty-pinky things today. Steve left for a week-long trip yesterday, so he left these for me (I think he made the card using some scraps from my wastebasket!)

New Cutterbees that I had to get, but I waited until today to use them!

And I bought a cute pink purse! Yay, Anastasia and Sophia are excited: this one replaces my Eddie Bauer gray one, which replaced my Eddie Bauer black one. They were very, um, practical and weatherproof, but not cute. I was so excited when I found this one...I'm not sure if it is totally cute, but it definitely has more color.

And I have been really enjoying my heart Nesties! I used them here to decorate the ribbon on a vase of flowers for my friend:

I made Ziggy a heart-shaped card, super-quick. And George made me some pink hearts, too.

I have to show a card...this one is Kristina Werner's design, I just swapped the colors, and followed her video tutorial (it is so much fun!):

And the heart garland...well, I was going to sew the felt hearts to a crocheted chain. So I crocheted a long chain, and after sewing on 3 or 4 hearts, I realized that I really had no place to hang a garland (!). So, this morning, I cut off the hearts and undid the chain, and just placed the guys on the foyer's sideboard:
Lousy photo, but there is no sun outside today, so there you go. Think I'll leave these guys up a while, because hearts are so cheery.

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