Tuesday, April 12, 2011


....absolutely nothing got done today, and my desk has a pile of paperwork on it. Ziggy's allergies seemed really bad this morning, so I thought I'd drop off some Zyrtec and eye drops at his school. I managed to see him in the lunch room, and he looked awful. The lunch aide looked at him and said, "That looks like pink eye!" Fortunately, the Health Center is across the hall from the Lunchroom, and we immediately went there. Long story short: he's home tonight with eye drops and a new nasal spray. Poor guy, the school campus is absolutely beautiful with the billion blossoming trees and spacious green grass, it just makes him sneeze all the time.

This weekend wasn't too bad though: We went to Goodwill , and I managed to find this pack of coasters for $1.99 !!!

I am super excited, as I was wanting to work with coaster board. I've been using the ones from Michael's, which are cardboard and a bit too thick. And I have made some from thick Costco boxes. I was about to order some actual coasters from some company back east, but they only sell in lots of 1000, and that's a bit too much, me thinks.

Anyways, these should do me fine for a spell, and if I don't alter them, they aren't too ugly to use...maybe.

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